Bernard Kumordzi explains reason behind extra one month suspension in Belgium

Sports News of Saturday, 8 December 2018



Bernard Kumordzi plays for KV Kortrijk

Ghana midfielder Bernard Kumordzi says miscommunication led to his extra one month suspension for testing positive for using banned substances in Belgium.

The KV Kortrijk midfielder, who finished serving a four month ban was handed an extra month suspension for violating the terms of return.

“Everything was in Dutch I did not know I was not allowed to train with the team, I did three trainings and 45 minutes practice match, that was all I was not well informed my lawyer just said I was suspended for four months, without further explanation,” the midfielder explains.

“Beware, that man did his job well, I could have gotten a much longer suspension, and it was just a miscommunication.”

“I was especially disappointed. When you are suspended for four months, that end date is of course constantly in your head.

“I first went back to Ghana for two weeks, I had been strong for four months, so I could handle that month, even if it was difficult.”

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