SABC radio coverage blacked out for Telkom Knockout final

“Cognisant of that fact and also of the position that the SABC finds itself‚ every effort has been made to act responsibly and with restraint despite the way in which the SABC has seen fit to deal with the League. Sadly‚ these efforts have not been reciprocated.

“On the 6th of August 2018 when the SABC suddenly contended that no agreement was in place with the League‚ representatives of the League met with the SABC and the Ministers of Communication and of Sport and Recreation.

“While the SABC continued to misrepresent the facts at this meeting an interim arrangement was agreed to afford the parties time to discuss whatever issues there were.

“The SABC did not comply even with the express undertakings given at this meeting on an interim basis. They simply continued to broadcast matches without meeting the obligations they had undertaken.

“Yesterday‚ at the offices of the League‚ the SABC first contended that there was no agreement in place with the League.

“They said this despite the fact that the SABC has been covering professional football matches from August 2017 to date and would have no basis for doing so without agreement with the League.

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