Daddy Freeze reveals he never stopped paying tithe even while preaching against it (video)

Daddy Freeze has just made a groundbreaking revelation that is nearly a contradiction of everything he has stood for with regards to tithes and offerings.

He said that up until one month ago, he was still paying his own tithes even while preaching against the act. He pointed out that he was scared that if he stopped paying his offering to God as the pastors said, he was going to die.

Daddy Freeze made this staggering revelation in an interview with TV host Hero Daniels. The host has asked him when he totally became convinced about not paying his tithe, and in response, he said he was still paying to his church up on till one month ago.

His exact words were these:

“I was preaching against it but i was afraid that If i stop paying it, I was going to die or something was going to happen. There were times when I doubted myself and doubted the scripture because these pastors have become god-figures, half of the things Nigerian pastors preach about are wrong but because they are so revered, nobody questions them so at some point, I felt that these people can not be wrong and I’m right even though I had the scripture and I had some revelations too.”

Even more, the Nigerian-Romanian media personality affirmed that he was still paying his tithe even right up till the time he started his online media church. But then, he later stopped being scared, and then, stood his ground on his own principles.

“Let me be honest, I was still paying tithe when I started my ministry on social media.”

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