Prison warders sacked, others interdicted for selling wee to prisoners

General News of Monday, 3 December 2018



File photo: Ghana Prisons

A number of prison officers who have been found to be members of wee smuggling syndicate into various prisons across the country have been sacked by the Ghana Prison Service, can report.

Others who are also under investigations for similar offenses are on interdictions pending the outcome of a panel that is looking into the severity of their unprofessional conduct that is making the country’s prisons wee trading centres.

DSP Richard Bukari, Public Relations Officer of the Kumasi Central Prisons who declined further detail on the exact number of warders sanctioned for engaging in the trade of the illicit drug, said the officers have themselves to blame for compromising their professionalism and integrity for GH¢20 or less.

“We have arrested some officers who made an attempt to smuggle wee into the yard. Some succeeded but we conducted an investigation and established the officers behind the acts. We have sacked all of them. Those who have not been sacked are on interdiction and investigations are ongoing”, he revealed.

He admitted there are bad nuts within the service who are drowning the image of the service but was quick to add that those ones are in the minority.

“Out of 100 prison officers about 2 of them may be engaging in such acts. Those officers engaged in such practices I wonder if they have senses because how much can a prisoner give you that he will convince you to want to smuggle wee into the yard that when you are arrested you lose your job? So is the GH¢20 can buy you only a meal is worth more than your salary you will receive till retirement? He asked.

He described those who have fallen victim to dismissal because they were found to be trading in wee as foolish and senseless warders warning that those who continue to engage in such acts have themselves to blame.

“If you are an officer and you are caught in such an illicit trade, then you have yourself to blame and no one”, he stressed adding that no prison officer will cover up such a character.

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