Group blasts NDC over ‘moneycracy’, calls on people of conscience to rise up

Politics of Sunday, 2 December 2018

Source: Daniel Kaku


Comrade Francis Eshun with John Mahama and Asiedu Nketia

The President of Prestea Communicators for Development in the Western Region, Comrade Francis Eshun, an anti corruption campaigner and a defender of social justice has called on all Ghanaians to rise up and say ‘NO’ to the Ghc 400,000 being charged by NDC for its presidential candidate fee per candidate.

According to Comrade Eshun, if the country can tackle corruption, it must begin with some of these exorbitant amount which, we cannot be sure where these crooked politicians get money to pay.

He added “Politics in Ghana has now turned into who can pay. If this happens, anyone serving any position will have to find “azaa methods” to steal from the state and make money”.

“An average teacher taking GHc 1,500 will have to work for 23 years to be able to make Ghc 400,000 , this is uncalled for”, he bemoaned.

“It now beoming clear to any one who wants to make free money that he must go into politics, and politics in Ghana is becoming an “organised crime”.

“This ‘unscrupulous’ exorbitant charge the crooked politicians who trumpet on our media space that the country is hard, must stop!”

“People of substance must speak up, because, our so-called democracy is proving to be harmful to our very existence, if it not guarded by morality,” he urged.

“The thieves in politics must be told in the face that, indeed, they are doing more harm than good to the country”.

“It is very surprising this is the NDC party. A party that came from PNDC, where Ghanaians, managers of bank, who borrowed money as little as 5,000 old cedis were sentenced!! This is a party to celebrate accountability day every June 4”

“All civil society must not loose their voices. Lecturers of our universities must join to stop this senseless impunity by Ghanaian politicians who bath and smears corruption. Aluta continua”.

All male flag bearer aspirants of the NDC are expected to pay GHS400,000 as filing fee while female flag bearer aspirants are to pay GHS200,000 and persons with disability aspiring to the same position are to pay GHS150,000.

The nomination form for the flag bearer slot is going for GHS20,000.

Also, the parliamentary aspirants are expected to pay GHS20,000 as filing fees. Female parliamentary aspirants will pay half of that.

The party took the decision at a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting on Thursday, 29 November at the party’s headquarters in Accra. According to the party, all aspirants have up to 10 days to submit the (properly filled fee).

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