Safa amendments include PSL asking permission on sponsorships

Among other items on the agenda for exrtraordinary meeting on Saturday is a proposal for an amendment to change the SA Masters and Legends Football Association (SAMLFA) from an associate to a special member‚ brought by the ex-footballers’ body.

“Every amendment to a statute for a Constitution is significant because it changes the way you do business. There is no minor amendment‚” Safa acting chief executive Russell Paul told TimesLIVE.

“Every member in Safa is entitled to make recommendations for changes. And that is discussed by the full membership.

“So whether that proposal for special membership is accepted is neither here nor there. They (SAMLFA) have to table it‚ they have to motivate it‚ and the members will then vote on it.

“It’s everybody’s democratic right to make that proposal and then motivate it accordingly to see if they can get substantial support for it.”

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