SA border tour reveals broken fences, syndicates and social grant fraud

Three trips to gauge the state of SA’s borders have revealed broken fences, alleged social grant fraud and easy ways to cross over undetected.

The visits, undertaken by the DA over the past month, painted a grim picture, the party said on Thursday.

“Astoundingly we came across areas of the fence which had been cut through, as well as a big open and unmanned gate large enough for a truck to drive through,” said MP Jacques Julius, party spokesperson on immigration after a trip to the Beitbridge border in Limpopo between SA and Zimbabwe on November 12.

“SANDF [SA Defence Force] members we spoke to… indicated the crucial need for a proper fence, but also to clear the area 100m from the fence, for watch towers, infrared equipment and drones,” he said, referring to an inspection of the Manguzi border in KwaZulu-Natal between SA and Mozambique on November 13.

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