Man filmed during Joburg road rage incident behind bars

He said he dropped off his child at school and phoned the police and that a case had been opened at the Honeydew police station.

Matavhulule, meanwhile, told TimesLIVE that Kgoleng drove on the yellow line in traffic and nearly bumped his bakkie.

“You see these cars who drive on the yellow lane, one of them was him. He nearly bumped me, because he saw the cops and tried to swerve in when he saw the cops at the robot,” Matavhulule said.

Matavhulule said at a second robot he turned down his window and asked Kgoleng why he was driving recklessly.

“He pointed at my car and told me that I am driving a company car and he will report me and nobody will believe this.

“He [Kgoleng] was in a lane turning right and I was at a lane going straight. He tried to squeeze in between me and the car behind me. I just heard a noise at the back and applied the brakes.”

Matavhulule said he stopped when he saw traffic officers at the next robot and told them that Kgoleng was driving recklessly.

“The traffic officers told me that we should make a statement but the guy sped off.

“I thought he was running away, so I followed him to Northgate. I made a shortcut to block him. When he stopped, he took out a camera. I told him to take responsibility for what he did,” he said.

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