Land issue must be addressed, but without dividing the nation: Mogoeng

Mogoeng has proposed a world-wide campaign to conscientise the global community about the injustice and the devastating effect of landlessness and virtual exclusion of the African people from meaningful participation in the mainstream of economies in Africa.

“War is not an option. Strategies that militate against peace and instability are also not an option but silence in the face of life-threatening and dehumanising migration, abject poverty and landlessness are also not an option. As Chief Albert Luthuli would have done, African people must pursue meaningful, purposeful and truly intentional  dialogue with those who own land and the sworn defenders of the status quo. Internal and global campaigns must also be waged concertedly and tirelessly until normalcy is returned.”

He said he had spent time engaging with  African and white people about the critical challenges confronting South Africa which were the land issue, racism and exclusion from the meaningful participation in the economy.

“Initially there was resistance but as soon as you demonstrate convincingly that as a matter of fact it is for the common good for all of us that we vigorously pursue, enjoy peace and stability founded on the truth in order to resolve the land issue and economic issue and the race issue, people begin to sober up and warm up to the possibility of jointly pursuing and finding a solution.

“Don’t mislead one another. I am open to my white compatriots because I love them genuinely whether they believe it or not. But I am not going to say to them there is no racism in South Africa. There is. Otherwise the previously excluded from the mainstream economy would after 24 years be captains of industries in their numbers.

“Now that we live in a democratic order the time has come for us to sacrifice. But because people are not willing to sacrifice in order to address both the economy and land issue, there will never be peace,” said Mogoeng. 

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