Time to ‘rise up’ against medical aids, says specialist

But if a patient was high risk and could develop complications during surgery, they needed to be in a hospital and not a day hospital, said Kok.

She said doctors were concerned they were being forced to use day hospitals with patients due for complicated treatment.

“A hysterectomy can be done in a day hospital but it is high risk.”

She said these arrangements should not be forced onto doctors by medical aids.

Patients had to know what prescribed minimum benefits were and make sure diseases that fell under this category weren’t paid for out of their day-to-day savings accounts, she said.

They also needed to query and ask for money back when it was incorrectly spent by medical aids.

The  increasing health costs that were above salary inflation were causing an environment where patients bought cheaper medical aids, and there was less money for everyone and for treatments, explained Dr Chris Archer, head of the specialists’ forum.

Kok said: “Our patients need more confidence that we are behind them and will advocate if they make a big noise.”

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