Elderly man found wrapped in blanket, allegedly murdered by son

“On arrival, police asked to enter the house and the man refused. Police then forced their way in,” said Netshivhodza.

There was a foul smell and blood in the dining area of the house, police said.

“When the suspect was asked what was happening, he said he had no idea,” said Netshivhodza.

Police said the victim’s body had been found wrapped in a duvet and a blanket – and it seemed like the suspect had intended burning it.

“It looked like the suspect wanted to get rid of the body by burning it as there were matches and a few other things. His pants were, for example, burned from the bottom,” Netshivhodza told TimesLIVE.

He said the body was hidden under a car.

The suspect was taken by police for questioning and a case of murder is under investigation.

Only the son and the deceased were understood to be living in the house.

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