Anisha Gordhan received no direct payments as non-executive director of Investec

On Wednesday in his closing address at the state capture commission, Gordhan dismissed claims by EFF leaders that his daughter was a beneficiary of state contracts.

He said it was not true that his daughter held directorships or private shares in the entities listed by the EFF.

“It’s not her money. Their job is to look after the money of the bank and the investors,” he said.

Gordhan said Anisha did not benefit financially from or own any shares in the businesses directly.

He said any financial compensation gained went to the bank and other investors, as well as to employees of these companies. He said it was a lie that Anisha used their relationship to get access to government tenders.

“The allegation of using the relationship with myself to get access to government tenders to benefit these companies is a blatant lie. These dangerous and unfounded allegations have been made to intimidate and harass my family and myself,” he said.

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