Sacked bus drivers clash with police in Cape Town

Protest leader and EFF regional secretary Banzi Dambuza said that they heard on Monday that the city was planning on in-sourcing the workers, but that “the workers have not been engaged on that issue”.

“The workers got into the Civic Centre, which is a public building, and all they wanted to do was engage the City of Cape Town,” he said.

He also claimed that the working conditions they were subjected to under the employment of the vehicle operators were “inhumane”.

“The city has been engaging with them. The city has said to them they are willing to fix the situation,” he said.

He said the workers were asked to stop singing songs inside the building and told to sit down. He claims that city officials promised to come and see them but instead the police arrived and asked them to leave the building. 

When they refused, they were dispersed with pepper spray. 

The protesters resumed their picket at the foot of the stairs leading up to the building.

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