Eyewitnesses heartbroken after seeing toddler tossed out of car on highway

She wasted no time in calling the police but unfortunately they arrived only hours later.

Another eyewitness, Johan Breedt, who was on his way to a local shopping centre, described the incident as “unfortunate”. He gave chase.   

“When the driver realised that more people had parked to see what was happening, he reversed and a woman he was with grabbed the baby and quickly jumped onto the back seat.  

“The baby was not just crying but screaming. She was wearing a white dress and a pink or red headband,” he said.

Breedt described how he chased after the car. At one stage, the driver opened his windows. 

“I asked him to stop but he refused. I asked what was happening and he said his baby was vomiting. I told him he was lying and that it was a crap story.

“I was angry. When I tried to ask the lady if she was okay, she was numb, she just stared at me. As I was asking more questions, he pulled off and made an illegal u-turn. That’s when I lost him,” Breedt said.

Breedt said he and the other motorists wanted the driver to account for his actions because they could tell something was wrong. 

“A part of me is glad I didn’t catch him because I don’t know what I would have done to him,” he told TimesLIVE. “I do hope that someone catches him though.” 

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