Bo-Kaap protesters block crane at high-rise building site

“I was standing with a baby in my hands [when the stun grenade hit] … I had to cup the baby between my arms and legs. He was shaking,” said resident Natassia Veldtsman

Residents said they needed social housing but instead got a high-rise apartment building, which could result in their property rates increasing.

“These are massive developments going up here, they have not consulted the community and the way they acquired the ground is very suspect,” said Noor Osman.

The Bo Kaap Civic Association is engaged in litigation over development in the area. “It’s very obvious that they want to get the crane in before then,” she said.

“We want to take an interdict against the city because they want to get the crane in and the community decided to start resisting,” said Bo Kaap Civic Association vice-chairman Fowzia Achmat.

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