I’m an important people who always needs to be protected

He said they even go to school with him

“They wait outside until I am done,” he added.

Robbie made headlines in May when he took over his late father’s Instagram account and filled it with pictures of flashy cars and expensive clothing.

Robbie said he was ready to capitalise on the fame that came from that time and was going to make 2019 his year.

“I am doing more and more things over the next few months. More for the people to see. Next year I am taking over South Africa. 17 and taking over, let’s go,” he said.

He wouldn’t confirm whether these plans included that long rumoured reality show but it looks as if he will be releasing music.

This despite telling TshisaLIVE a few months ago that he would only release when he is done with school, a video of him preparing for the awards contained a song he said was “on the way”.

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