Here’s why The Imposter fans can’t stop laughing at Turbo’s prayer

Turbo often gets himself into loads of trouble after making some serious moemishes. Even when he is praying for forgiveness, he is tripping up.

Tebza is determined to make it in life as Gary, with his newfound wealth and family, but still keeps his old friend Turbo around.

Turbo and Tebza have been scheming this double life thing for ages, but Turbo is a bit nervous and is scared they are going to get caught out.

In fact, he’s been telling his bestie to drop the act for a while now, and he was so gatvol on Sunday, all he could do was drop to his knees in prayer.

We’re not sure when he last prayed, but Turbo was doing the most in that prayer and even referred to God as “grootman”. 

We’ve never seen a person sweat so much during a conversation with God, and the Twitter streets were in hysterics.

They knew just the memes to bring to the party.

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