Libya in chaos since 2011 overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi

Peace talks in Paris 

In July 2017, rival leaders Sarraj and Haftar meet for talks near Paris where they agree to a ceasefire and commit to elections the following year.

They meet again in Paris in May 2018, weeks after Islamic State group suicide attackers kill 14 people at Libya’s electoral commission, and commit to holding parliamentary and presidential polls in December.

But the unrest continues. In June 2018, a militia attacks two northeastern oil sites under Haftar’s control through which oil is exported.

After days of fighting, Haftar’s forces announce they are back in “full control” and have also seized the city of Derna from radical Islamists.

Month of deadly clashes 

The UN brokers a ceasefire in early September but fighting resumes within days, with the capital’s airport attacked with rocket fire and rival militias clashing nearby.

In nearly a month, the clashes around Tripoli leave more than 110 dead and some 400 injured.

The GNA calls for UN “security and stability” support as the world body’s envoy, Ghassan Salame, says in late September that the latest fighting has made it difficult to hold elections before spring 2019.

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