It’s worth celebrating resilience of refugees in Ghana – UNHCR Representative

General News of Saturday, 10 November 2018



Esther Kiragy, United Nations Refugees Agency representative in Ghana

United Nations Refugees Agency representative in Ghana, Esther Kiragy, has said that it is worth celebrating people who are forced to flee their countries because of human rights abuse.

According to her, refugees are people who possess resilience and therefore their ability to pick up the pieces and continue with their life after they flee their home countries is worth celebrating.

“These are people who are uprooted from their normal human life because of all forms of human rights abuses and violation” Speaking at the LuQuLuQu campaign walk on Saturday, Mrs Kiragy was optimistic that the walk will create the needed awareness and also generate support for the increasing number of refugees across the world.

“The whole point is to celebrate what they have had to withstand and how they have had to pick up the pieces and continue with life” Mrs Kiragy said” this campaign is to say, they are part of us and we need to afford them the same safety, respect and dignity”

She added that, the campaign is going to be rolled out in Burkina Faso and Senegal as well.


LuQuLuQu campaign is a collaborative effort by the UN Refugee Agency and prominent African personalities and companies to promote the principles and values of sharing responsibility for one another, and sharing resources, in support of the displaced people in Africa.

The term “LuQuLuQu” draws on the Africa philosophy of “Ubuntu”, “Ujamaa”, or “yi bi ma” – the spirit of sharing resources and caring for one another. It is a borderless movement that aims to redefine a better way of giving and involve for the first time on a global level, individuals to recreate the narrative of the African refugee.

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