13,000 people seeking asylum and refuge in Ghana – Ghana Refugees Board

General News of Saturday, 10 November 2018

Source: www.ghanaweb.com


Tetteh Padi,Programmes Coordinator, Ghana Refugees Board

The Programmes Coordinator of the Ghana Refugees Board, Mr. Tetteh Padi has said that there are 13,000 people either seeking asylum or refuge in the boarders of Ghana. According to him, the possibility of meeting a refugee or an asylum seeker on the streets of Accra keeps increasing by the day.

“About 50% of these set of people live in the communities with Ghanaians and other Nationals” he said. Mr. Padi said, the LuQuLuQu campaign is to highlight the presence of these refugees and to encourage private individuals and corporate bodies to support them.

“It is important that we note that providing assistance for refugees is not just giving them handouts so that they can survive, they need help on skill training and giving them a source of livelihood which will eventually translate into them contributing to the growth of the economy” he opined.

He said it was the moral duty of everybody to assist and help give refugees and asylum seekers a livelihood.

“I will argue everybody to visit www.LuQuLuQu.org and make a contribution”, he said.

Mr. Tetteh Padi was speaking at the “Step for Safety campaign organized in Accra on Saturday by LuQuLuQu to raise awareness and celebrate the resilience of refugees


LuQuLuQu campaign is a collaborative effort by the UN Refugee Agency and prominent African personalities and companies to promote the principles and values of sharing responsibility for one another, and sharing resources, in support of the displaced people in Africa.

The term “LuQuLuQu” draws on the Africa philosophy of “Ubuntu”, “Ujamaa”, or “yi bi ma” – the spirit of sharing resources and caring for one another.

It is a border less movement that aims to redefine a better way of giving and involve for the first time on a global level, individuals to recreate the narrative of the African refugee.

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