Parliament wants tighter security for auditor-general staff

Makwetu said the instances of intimidation deserve national attention‚ even though the office of the AG will still work with the local and provincial governments in question.

“In a number of municipalities, people are getting uncomfortable with the rigour with which audits are being conducted,” Makwetu said on Friday as he briefed the standing committee on the threats.

National police commissioner general Khehla Sitole told MPs that a security plan is being developed with the AG’s office. He noted that the environment in which auditors operate is high-risk and requires tighter security. 

MPs said that there is need for a proactive security action plan, particularly considering that municipal audits are being finalised. “But above all, there is a need for strong political leadership at all levels of government to stop these threats,” said committee chair Nthabiseng Khunou.

“We are cognisant of the pressure these threats are going to have on recruitment of capable individuals within the audit environment. Hence the need to arrest the growing trend.” 

The proactive security planning is necessary if the implementation of the recently passed Paab is to be effective, she said. Earlier in 2018, parliament passed the bill, which looks to give the office of the AG more teeth.

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