Mother weeps at the memory of her baby’s death at Mpumalanga hospital

It was not the first time that sirens rang on Monday while mothers in the ward took care of their babies. Nor was it the first time they were kicked out of the ward, Mokoena said.

“At around 3:45pm [on Monday] I was called into an office, where there were a doctor and a nurse. The nurse kept on crying, saying nothing. The way she was crying, I could tell something was wrong with my child.”

Mokoena said she was then alerted that her baby was no more. The little girl’s death was attributed to a lack of oxygen in the ward. “They apologised and told me that it wasn’t my baby alone that had died.”

She said it was difficult coming to terms with how things transpired.

“We heard the nurses saying ‘ioxygen iyashoda’ (which loosely translates to ‘the oxygen is running low’) in the early hours of the morning,” Mokoena told TimesLIVE on Friday.

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