‘My family died when Hannah died’, her father tells court

“Regarding Hannah, I suspect all parents believe their children were exceptional and we were no different. She was a blessing from birth, no terrible twos, no teething [problems]. She became part of the management when her autistic brother was born,” her father, who was formerly a magistrate, told the court.

“It’s hard to describe how I feel. I was medically-boarded after the incident. I would have quit anyway. I had no doubt that I could not keep impartiality in court matters after this incident. I’m on a daily anti-depressant medication.

“My life has contracted, no joy, no hope or goals for the future. I didn’t come here today to look for sympathy. I don’t like the attention this case has garnered…

“I ask the court to only apply sentencing that will prevent any other family from going through what we have gone through,” he added.

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