IN MEMES | Twitter’s shook that Kamina took down a whole soldier

Dear The Queen script writers…

We get that the only people who don’t die are members of the Khoza family and we appreciate that but come on guys, did Trevor have to die such a “weak” death.

Mans is a whole soldier, young with muscles and all but viewers are expected to believe that he was overpowered and killed by Kamina? Also where the hell did that knife even come from anyway?

There were so many questions from tweeps after Trevor discovered that Kamina was a mole for Diamond and then the pair started fighting but it was Kamina who won. This is not to say that women are not capable of such strength but for real… that fight wasn’t even long enough for a whole soldier to go down like that.

Also this means that the Khozas are still in the dark about Kamina’s ulterior motives and that is just annoying!

How can Trevor survive the war and gunshots just to be killed by Kamina?

Check out the viewers reaction in memes.

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