Gay activist Bisi Alimi discloses his plan to have a child with husband Anthony Davis

Nigerian gay activist Bisi Alimi has revealed plans to also tread the path of fatherhood alongside his spouse.

Bisi whose spouse is an Australian named Anthony Davis just made it known that he is ready to be a father, and apparently, he intends to do this with his husband.

The Nigerian gay who already has a child for himself made his intention just after he celebrated his second wedding anniversary with his spouse.

To celebrate the occasion of their being together for two years, Bisi had taken to sharing a picture as well as writing some touching captions on his social media handles.

It was also through these social media channels that the gay activist announced that he is setting out on the journey to fatherhood. On his Instagram page, Bisi shared a symbolic post on which he placed the pictures of a baby and a feeding bottle.

Then, he went on to write a caption which read thus:

“Officially starting the journey to fatherhood.”

Clearly, the Nigerian who is seen as the first one to publicly come out and declare his interest in men on air is now ready to turn up the volume with regards to his relationship with Anthony.

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