Baby Jamie’s mother sentenced to 20 years for brutal assault and murder

Now left to answer for her crimes alone, the woman stood, with her freshly platted braids, cold and unresponsive as Moodley lambasted her for her lack of remorse.

“The accused hasn’t expressed any remorse … and pinned all the offences on accused two [the grandmother],” said Moodley.

During the sentencing, Moodley also came down on social workers and the school the children attended for not noticing the signs of their abuse. One of the children apparently reported the abuse to the school.

“Had the abuse been investigated or reported, the tragic outcome would have been avoided,” she said.

Moodley also thanked both Naidu and Pitman, saying: “This has not been a particularly easy matter of those involved. Thank you for assisting me to arrive at what I think is a fair and just decision.”

Baby Jamie’s mother was sentenced to 12 years in jail for the abuse of the two older children — but since these will run concurrently with the murder sentence, she face an effective 20 years behind bars.

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