Zulu king slapped with lawsuit over land in KZN

In November last year‚ the trust published adverts in various newspapers in KZN inviting holders of PTOs to approach the Ingonyama Trust Board “with a view to upgrading these PTOs into long-term leases in line with the Ingonyama Trust tenure policy”.

But in court papers‚ the applicants argue that the trust acted “unlawfully and in violation of the constitution” by cancelling PTOs and concluding lease agreements with the holders of PTO rights or informal land rights.

Casac secretary Lawson Naidoo said in his affidavit that since 2007 the trust and its board have been “undermining the security of tenure of residents and occupiers of trust-held land in KwaZulu-Natal”.

He also accused the trust of “extorting money from them by unlawfully compelling them to conclude lease agreements and pay rental to the trust to continue living on the land”.

In a related matter‚ Slade — who in 2016 shot to infamy by refusing to accommodate black people at a guesthouse in northern KZN‚ and by making multiple racist comments in the aftermath — was served with a letter of demand in April by the Ingonyama Trust Board‚ demanding the immediate payment of R62‚584 in rental arrears for the land on which he lives.

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