Vusi Nova responds to claims he ‘stole’ As’phelelanga

Vusi explained that As’phelelanga was track number 12 on his album because he didn’t think it would blow up the way it has. He said he was initially angry that radio stations kept playing the track instead of the duo he was trying to push featuring Zahara.

“When I decided to include this song on my album, it was because I thought a lot about how all these legends have paved the way for me. It was a song of gratitude. I was actually even angry when radios started pushing the song because my plan was to push my song with Zahara but all of sudden it was As’phelelanga that captured SA.

“I realised that it’s not about me and people choose what song they want to show love to and they chose that one.”

Vusi said he’s been reading articles where people have accused him of stealing the song, which has added to the song’s popularity. 

Sowetan reported that maskandi artist Celazimnike Mtshali has accused Vusi of stealing the song from him.

“I do not know this Vusi and we’ve never met, I would appreciate it if he can credit me because his song sounds exactly like mine,” he told the paper.

However, Vusi told TshisaLIVE that the song, which he only made minor changes on was a song he grew up listening to and singing in the villages. He explained that as far as he knew and with the research he did, the song couldn’t be claimed by one person as it was a public domain kind of song.

Kinda like a struggle song…

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