SA a step closer to extradition treaty with UAE

“Yes, I can inform you that a request for various countries… we’ve received six or eight requests with regards to state capture of which one was for the UAE‚” said Van Heerden.

He said SA had informed its ambassadors in the countries concerned‚ that when they receive those requests‚ to go in person to the relevant foreign ministries to indicate the urgency of the requests.

In its preamble‚ the extradition treaty reaffirms the parties’ concerns about the magnitude of acts of international terrorism and organised crime.

It says the parties agreed to extradite each other’s persons who have been charged for or convicted of an extraditable offence. “These are offences that are punishable under the laws of both parties‚ by deprivation of liberty for a period of at least one year or for a more severe penalty‚” it says.

With regards to offences relating to taxation‚ custom duty‚ exchange control‚ in that instance extradition might be granted in spite of the fact that the requested party does not impose the same kind of taxes or duties.

Extradition would be refused for offences of a political nature or offences under military law and may be refused.

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