Former Gauteng top cop granted bail in blue-light fraud case

All accused‚ except Manthata and De Lange‚ are currently in the employ of the SA Police Service.

Manthata was the supplier of police warning lights‚ commonly referred to as blue lights.

Mokwena is a lieutenant-general involved in supply chain‚ Napo is the Gauteng deputy police commissioner and Ramanjalum is a brigadier in supply chain.

The charge sheet states that the SA Police Service had identified a need to equip all newly purchased motor vehicles with the necessary warning equipment such as blue lights‚ sirens and radios.

When the need was discussed at national level‚ invitations for a tender were sent to various potential suppliers‚ including Manthata‚ who is the sole director of a company called Traffic Law Enforcement (Pty) Ltd. He was subsequently awarded the contract.

The state alleges that Manthata submitted documents which purported to be proof that he was tax compliant.

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