Redi Tlhabi on how her mom was treated after her dad’s death

“I was young and impressionable, lobola fully paid, I gave birth to a baby daughter he regarded me as his wife everybody knew this. When he died I was treated like I had leprosy (infectious disease that causes skin sores),” she said on Instagram. 

Criselda added that it was the women in her late husband’s family that treated her badly. 

“The women in his family were the ones who deprived me the opportunity and right to mourn his death. Women were oppressive driving the patriarchal agenda in the name of culture.” 

Criselda hailed Lerato for standing her ground and warned other black families about karma. 

“Thank God for karma, for many of them life is serving them what they deserve. To the black family, children reap what their parents sow-good or bad.” 

قالب وردپرس



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