Ramaphosa’s son implicated in dodgy BOSASA payment‚ Maimane says in Parliament

“Mr President‚ we can’t have family members benefiting. I would want to ask you‚ right here today‚ that you will bring our nation into confidence and set the record straight on this matter‚ Mr President‚” Maimane said.

Ramaphosa admitted that the matter had been brought to his attention – and that he had confronted his son about it “some time ago”.

The president told MPs that Andile Ramaphosa had assured him that the payment was legitimate because he had provided a service to BOSASA through his business consultancy firm.

Ramaphosa said he would be the first to send his son “to jail” if his version of events would turn out to be false.

“I proceeded to ask my son what this was all about. He runs a financial consultancy business and he consults for a number of companies‚ and one of those companies is BOSASA‚ where he provides services on entrepreneurship and on procurement processes. And he advises both local and international companies.

“I can assure Mr Maimane that I asked him at close range whether this was money that was obtained illegally‚ unlawfully – and he said this was a service that was provided. To this end‚ he actually even showed me a contract that he signed with BOSASA and the contract also deals with issue of integrity‚ anti-corruption‚” he said.

Ramaphosa added that he had previously told his family members not to trade with the state or any of its entities.

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