No law backed natonal vision, no development for Ghana – Duncan-Williams

General News of Tuesday, 6 November 2018



Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, Founder of Action Chapel International (ACI)

Until Ghana develops a national vision backed by law, which no political party in power, irrespective of ideology, can, on a whim, change or deviate from, the country will never develop, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has said.

In his second sermon on Sunday, 4 November 2018, the founder of Action Chapel International (ACI) said until Ghana does that, development will elude the country.

“Look at the fight between political parties”, he observed, adding: “And I’ve always said it over and over again, but you know something, people don’t want to hear the truth. Let me say something bad right now, they’ll publish it. But they never want to publish truth.

“I’ve always said that, as a people and a nation, until we have a national vision that every political party is compelled by law to be committed to, that no political party, when it comes into office or into power, will pursue their own vision, but there has to be a national vision that all parties are compelled to follow, so, there will be continuity, we aren’t going anywhere”, he warned.

“But nobody will take it seriously”, Archbishop Duncan-Williams bemoaned, adding: “But let me say something negative and bad right now, it’ll become an issue. It just tells you that there is no truth anymore”.

“Lies have become truths”, he observed, noting: “If you want to be relevant, lie, say the wrong thing, you’ll be popular right now. Say the right thing and nobody takes you seriously. That is the kind of society we have become”.

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