Husband and wife forced to quit SABC jobs after sexual harassment

“She further reported that every day he would stare at her in a way she found offensive.”

He insisted she should address him by his first name and told her: “I notice that you like nice clothes. If you can allow me to feel your body‚ I will buy you anything you like.”

She was shocked and backed away. He told her that he would not hurt her. She then told him that she is married and respects him as a manager.

“Her husband worked at the SABC at the time. [He] was also an HR person. This woman‚ when she went home‚ she would always discuss this with her husband.”

After turning down her line manager’s advances‚ he started victimising her at work.

“He sent a colleague to her desk with a picture of a gun and asked this man [the colleague] to tell Ms J [the victim] that he [the line manager] was a soldier and show the picture of the gun [to her].”

He also sent her an email with photos of suffocating pigs‚ among others things.

She resigned after the work environment became too stressful. The woman complained internally but it was never resolved before she resigned. She then approached the Commission for Conciliation‚ Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) but it was thrown out on a technicality.

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