WATCH | ‘You’re a great teacher ma’m’

A grade 9 pupil from Kimberley Boys’ High School is facing disciplinary action after he threw water in a teacher’s face.

In a 30-second video doing the rounds on social media‚ a pupil is seen standing by the teacher’s desk‚ holding a plastic bottle with water in it.

After a short conversation with the teacher‚ the pupil can be heard telling the teacher that she is a great teacher.

“…You’re a great teacher ma’m…”

A few seconds later‚ he throws the water in the teacher’s face.

The teacher gets up and they wrestle for the bottle‚ before she takes it and throws it at him.

“What the f**k just happened?” one pupil is heard saying‚ while others laugh and cheer.

The teacher walks to the door and the video ends.

Northern Cape department of education spokesperson Geoffrey van der Merwe said the incident happened on Friday last week.

“The Frances Baard District office visited the school this morning and we will closely monitor the situation. This type of behaviour is unacceptable and parents must fulfil their primary responsibility to inculcate good values and norms in their children‚” Van der Merwe said.

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