Vicky Momberg in court to appeal racism conviction and sentence

The former estate agent was caught on camera hurling the k-word at black police officers and 10111 operators after she was the victim of a smash-and-grab incident. She used the k-word more than 48 times. The clip went viral and Momberg was arrested.

She was sentenced to three years imprisonment‚ once of which was suspended‚ on condition she was not found guilty of a similar crime within the next three years.

Following her release‚ TimesLIVE reported that Momberg continued to behave badly in jail and was twice charged for verbally abusing prison officials.

“During her time of incarceration‚ Ms Momberg was charged twice by the DCS [Department of Correctional Services]. Both charges were related to her verbal assaults towards officials and service providers‚ saying that they are uneducated and immature‚” Department of Correctional Services spokesperson Mocheta Monama said at the time. 

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