Independent school within its right to expel kids‚ SCA rules

Shortly afterwards‚ when the children came off the field‚ he accosted the umpire with a cricket bat in his hand‚ saying: “You fat [expletive omitted]‚ you don’t respect parents.”

He then threatened to wait for him after the match and kill him.

When confronted by the principal‚ Selwyn Marx‚ about his behaviour‚ the father showed no sign of contrition‚ insisting instead that he would talk to umpires in any manner he chose‚ as they were not gods.

The school cancelled the two contracts between itself and the parents on June 30‚ 2016.

The parents applied to the High Court in Johannesburg for the cancellation of the contracts to be set aside.

In December 2016‚ an interim order was granted by the high court to the effect that the children would be entitled to remain in school pending the parents’ challenge‚ including any appeals.

In July last year‚ Acting Judge Clare Hartford dismissed the parents’ application against the termination of the contract.

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