You can’t get good advice from people you don’t know – Edem

Rapper Edem says it doesn’t make sense to take advice from people outside his circles.

According to the rapper who claims to have developed a thick skin after spending barely a decade in the music industry, taking advice from people who hardly know you will yield no good.

The “Ghetto Arise” hitmaker stressed that in his quest to be an entertainer, he has learnt to take advice from people such as producer Hammer since he knows him best.

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“I use to feel bad when people bash me but after 9 years, I feel like it’s part and parcel of people… I don’t listen to people’s advice unless you know me [personally].

Edem gave a scenario to prove his point: “If you drive a range and tell a broke person to give you a business advice they won’t understand. The person working in a company with you can give you advice. Their advice is objective and subjective. Love ones genuinely know you and they speak objectively,” he explained.-

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The rapper is set to host the 2018 edition of his Edemfest concert on Friday, November 2, at the Aborigine Beach Resort, Keta in the Volta region.

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