Why I sued actors guild – Abeiku Sagoe

Veteran actor Abeiku Sagoe has outlined reasons why he asked the court to put a hold on the Ghana Actors Guild elections.

According to him, the election process was not democratic.

Abeiku Sagoe who was speaking on Zylofon FM explained that elections are expected to be free, fair and transparent, but this was not the case regarding Actors Guild Elections.

He alleged that as at the morning of the elections, there was no voters register available to members.

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He further alleged that the President of the guild, Sammy Fiscian, took sole decisions throughout the election process and that majority of the executives, including the Vice President, Van Vicker and the treasurer were not involved in the decisions.

According to him, the executives were sidelined by the president in the decision-making process.

Abeiku Sagoe further alleged that the Electoral Commissioner for the Actors Guild was also not aware of the elections and that all candidates vying for positions were unopposed in their respective categories.

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He is, therefore, demanding minutes of meetings that were held in preparing for the elections to be made available to members to confirm how and which plans were made, and which structures were put in place to ensure free, fair and transparent elections.

Abeiku Sagoe, together with his fellow actors, Henry Harding and Mercy Asiedu sued The Ghana Actors Guild and the guild president, Sammy Fiscian in the High Court of Justice.



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