Restaurants beef up security at kids’ play areas in wake of Dros rape

Children taken for a meal are being given wrist bands that record their parents’ names‚ table and contact numbers as an additional layer of security before entering play rooms at Spur Steak Ranches.

The wrist band was handed to a TimesLIVE staff member who accompanied his daughter to a Spur restaurant in Cape Town at the weekend.

The child’s name is written on the inside of the band‚ so it is not immediately visible to strangers. Several parents opted to sit right next to the play area to keep an eye on their little ones. Play supervisors strictly monitored access to the area.

In aftermath of the Dros incident in which a man is accused of raping a seven-year-old girl in the bathroom‚ family restaurants are stepping up security.

The Saturday Dispatch reported that Spur Steak Ranches around the country were now enforcing the wearing of wrist bands by children.

Spokesperson for the franchise Moshe Apleni said that in addition to this‚ play areas were also equipped with security cameras‚ with the footage sometimes broadcast as a live feed to monitors in the restaurants.

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