Mpumi chats Dezember hit songs & being judged for being God’s girl

Mpumi is one of the hottest vocalists in Mzansi and while she’s come a long way since Wena with Heavy K, she’s shared that the journey has only gotten harder. 

The singer, who is releasing a summer single titled Shona Malanga told TshisaLIVE that her hardest hurdle was breaking into the limelight but now that she’s here all she needed was hard work because the gift of song was God-given.

“The hardest part of my journey has been trying to break into the industry. That was a hard time. But since establishing my name, I have been working hard and I won’t say it’s easy but I’ve seen that the more I work hard the more I get the rewards. Whatever is meant for me will get to me in God’s time.”

A trademark that has followed Mpumi is her ability to sing about God in her dance tracks and make it work.

She told TshisaLIVE that having started off in the church, she was undoubtedly a person who loved God but she had decided a long time ago to take church to the people through music they mostly relate with dance.

“I’m just a young woman that loves God. Sometimes I also go to clubs and sing at these clubs and dress the way I do and that’s okay. Because God looks for what is in the heart. I also think about the people that can’t go to church, so what if I bring church to them?”

Mpumi has released songs like Somandla and Busa that talk about God and said that she wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. Especially not because she’s afraid of what people might say about her lyrics.

“I find it very strange that people immediately assume that if you have a relationship with God then you should dress, behave and sing in a particular way. That they need to  do these things only at a particular place and a context that is considered holy. But my view is a lot of people love God and they don’t have to be at church or to wear conservative clothes or sing for a conservative crowd to really show that they love good.”

Her latest song is all about good time in the night time though. She said she had Dezember vibes in mind and was thinking of the party lovers when she was cooking it up.

Her sophomore album will be ready in 2019.

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