Kabomo weighs in on Rasta unwavering ‘self-belief’

Kabomo has shared his thoughts on the negative commentary surrounding celebrity funeral artist, Lebani Sirenje aka Rasta’s work. 

Rasta came under fire yet again this week for a portrait he did of late hip-hop star HHP at his Johannesburg memorial on Tuesday.

The artist has in the past been slammed for his depiction of celebrities including ProKid, Akhumzi Jezile and political stalwart Ma Winnie Mandela. 

In a video shared on Instagram Kabomo said he had been thinking a lot about the whole situation surrounding Rasta. 

“Rastaman makes terrible paintings. We’ve all conclusively agreed that his work is terrible. Every time we see Rastaman’s work we say its terrible and this dude must stop, and we say it to his face, we say it online. But Rastaman doesn’t care, he thinks his work is great.

“Most of us are struggling because we’re waiting to be validated by other people and when other people don’t say we’re great we think we’re failures.”

Here’s the rest of video  

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