Here’s what Rasta thinks about the backlash over his paintings

Rasta also blamed the “unsolicited” pressure from the public. He said that people didn’t consider other like his emotions on the day, the atmosphere at the funerals or how far along he was in his process.

“I’ll admit, the pressure at funerals is different. It’s difficult because families are crying and the atmosphere is heavy. I am an artist and obviously emotions affect me as well, but not just me. Nobody attacks a singer who stops singing midway because they are overwhelmed by emotions. No one says, that was a bad performance because they understand, I am treated differently.”

Rasta said despite all the “bad reviews” on social media, the families appreciate his effort and work because he isn’t hired. He said in reality, he got a lot more praise and pointers on how to improve than just hate.

“People can’t just wake up and say I must stop painting, that would kill me… Rather they say go change this or learn this and I’ll improve.”

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