check | Did a video show the last moments aboard a doomed Indonesian flight?

It has also been viewed more than 220,000 times on an Arabic blogger’s page, 100,000 times on a Pakistani celebrity pics page, and another 100,000 times on two aviation pages.

Among news outlets, Russia Today posted the video on its Arabic Twitter account where it has been viewed more than 90,000 times. It also appeared on news websites in Greece, Pakistan, India and Tunisia.


The video went viral despite Indonesian authorities reacting quickly to say it was from a previous Lion Air flight, which did not crash.

Indonesia’s disaster mitigation agency spokesman, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, said on Monday that the video was from Lion Air flight JT 353 to Jakarta from Padang, another Indonesian city, on an unspecified earlier date.

“This video IS NOT showing passengers of Lion Air JT 610. This is of passengers of Lion Air JT 353 Padang-Jakarta some time ago which was experiencing turbulence,” Sutopo tweeted.

“All passengers were safe. There are no video/photo of JT 610 passengers before the plane crashed. Please don’t spread hoaxes.”

Sutopo did not give details as to where the video originated.

AFP tracked the video’s origin to the private Instagram account @marapi_singgalang, which promotes a hiking tour agency.

The Instagram post was accompanied by a lengthy caption which, in part, says: “Deep condolences for the incident experienced by @lionairgroup plane #lionair #lionjt610. This is a video taken by myself on a flight that made me so traumatised I no longer want to travel by plane.”

AFP spoke with David Ditama, who owns the @marapi_singgalang Instagram account, on Wednesday.

Ditama said he was aboard Lion Air JT 353, which was heading to Jakarta from Padang, on December 11, 2017.

Ditama said he took the video from a clip he posted to Twitter on December 13, 2017, and that he re-posted it on Instagram as a way to express his emotions following the crash of JT 610.

Ditama said he made clear in his Instagram post where the video came from, and that he was surprised it had been shared and misrepresented without his permission.

“I don’t know who might have circulated the video without my permission and then misused it,” he told AFP.

The original post on Ditama’s Twitter account can be seen here:

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