Nita’s Kitchen brings culinary delights to artsy Nirox Sculpture Park

For that reason, we use locally sourced ingredients for everything except the wines we serve.

What is your vision for the pop-up?

We want to create a space that inspires our guests to regularly experience Nirox as more than just a beautiful space dedicated to the arts, but one that can deliver culinary delights as well.

We want to create a space that our guests will be able to frequent as a weekly outing, when they can take in all that our beautiful city has to offer.

How long will it be open?

We’re open every weekend and public holiday until the end of February next year. We will, however, be closed for the festive season – from December 17 until January 11. See 

How did you decide on your menu?

Nita’s Kitchen menu is driven on the local, seasonal produce available to us. The harvest table idea came about to encourage the public to taste a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes in addition to meat options.

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