LOL! Tween pokes fun at celebs’ fashion choices by copying their looks

Australian Riley Dashwood might only be nine years old, but she’s taking over Instagram with her hilarious parodies of celebrity get-ups.

With the help of her dad, Rhett Dashwood, Riley uses everyday items to recreate some of the outlandish outfits worn by the rich and famous. Think a black bin bag to replicate an oversized jacket sported by Rihanna, tinfoil to mimic a metallic dress worn by Kim Kardashian, and fresh vegetables to recreate one of Nicki Minaj’s crazy wigs.

While Riley’s 50,000 followers are few in comparison to other Instagram parody accounts like comedian Celeste Barber’s, she’s winning new fans daily not only for her ability to nail A-listers’ looks, but their expressions and poses too.

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