DR Congo soldiers, militias ‘execute’ 92 in September: UN

However, he added: “No justice (system) works under pressure, even less in the public glare.

“What’s the real aim of this report? To discredit what they like to call this ‘infamous government’.”

According to the Congo Research Group, a project at New York University, more than 130 armed groups are active in the region.

The fighting first flared a generation ago following the 1994 genocide in neighbouring Rwanda, when hundreds of thousands of Rwandan Hutus streamed across the border, fearing reprisals after hardline Hutus were ousted from power.

The conflict developed into two wars that sucked in countries around eastern and southern Africa, claiming millions of lives.

The BCNUDH, set up in 2008, groups the UN peacekeeping force MONUSCO’s rights division with the former Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights in the DR Congo.

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