Allegation that elderly neighbour had sex with cat exposed as a lie

“Our inspector was only able to obtain the cat owner’s details from police on Monday. Police advised that Friday that they declined to take the case further as the cat owner’s version was unreliable and she had changed her story‚ saying that she was not sure what she had seen‚” SPCA said in its statement.

When the SPCA inspector contacted the owner to arrange for the cat to be examined‚ the cat could not be found. A cat trap had to be set up and the feline was caught a short while later.

“The cat was in poor condition and had been denied much-needed veterinary treatment. She had severe crusting on both ears from sun-induced invasive skin cancer which is incurable‚” the SPCA said.

“She was underweight and tick infested. Sadly‚ the girl had to be humanely euthanized in order to prevent prolonged suffering.”

The animal protection organisation said it was unfortunate that RUSA “sensationally publicised a case without first investigating the veracity of the allegations.”

“Had any medical evidence been found to support the owner’s rape allegation‚ our SPCA would have taken a strong stance with SAPS and ensured that a case of bestiality be opened.”

KwaZulu-Natal police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Thulani Zwane told TimesLIVE that no criminal case had been opened against the man.

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