All the deets on Rwanda’s new ‘win for women’ cabinet

Africans are celebrating the gender-balance of Rwanda’s cabinet following a recent reshuffle. Half of Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s new 26 member cabinet are women. According to a Rwandan government website, Kagame said that including women in decision-making positions would help address the socio-economic challenges facing the central African nation. According to the Gender Monitoring Office, the president added: “This does not mean that men should feel that this does not concern them because this works better if both men and women work together.”

Besides the fact that the Rwandan cabinet has achieved a 50-50 split between male and female representatives, here’s why the cabinet changes are such a huge deal:

Rwanda has moved up to an impressive 4th place on the Global Gender Gap Index

The Global Gender Gap Index is a means for the World Economic Forum to record gender-based disparities, as well as track the progress of countries as they work towards a gender-balanced society. Rwanda certainly deserves a pat on the back considering that just 15 years ago, the country was ranked 37. Currently in first place is Iceland, followed by Norway in the second spot and Finland in third position. 

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