Police and MPs blame immigrants‚ unemployment‚ gangs‚ and each other for crime

The SAPS presentation had a list called the Five Pillars‚ which actually listed six priorities for reducing crime: Intelligence gathering‚ pro-active approach‚ combat approach‚ reactive through detection approach‚ community policing‚ communication and liaison. None of these were properly explained.

Barrage of criticism

MPs followed the presentation with questions that turned into a barrage of criticisms of SAPS.

Committee members condemned the fact that the five precincts have held their positions as the highest violent crime rate precincts for most of recent history. By focusing on the five precincts in question‚ one MP argued‚ change in precincts with slightly lower crime‚ such as Umlazi‚ was not occuring.

MPs chastised SAPS for failing to fight police corruption or address mediocre police performance. The committee also focused on statistics showing that in some precincts many employed officers are not reporting for duty‚ whether on sick leave or for family obligations or other reasons. In Mitchells Plain‚ only 79% of officers are currently reporting for duty.

MP Dianne Kohler Barnard (DA) said that while there are funds allocated for informants‚ there was no mention at any point of any informants being used. She suggested that the precincts may be committing fraud. Another MP pointed out that 76 bulletproof vests were reported missing from Johannesburg Central.

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